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Didgeridoo Group

A group of students at Coffs Harbour High School have been involved in a class that features knowledge passed down from thousands of years of history and culture through many generations since time immemorial. 

Through the expert teaching and guidance of World Renowned Yidaki musician and creator Kristian Benton, the boys have masterly crafted their own Yidaki's from raw materials and a mixture of old and new technology.  

With patience, diligence and care the boys have devoted these lessons to sculpting and crafting these impressive pieces of art before sharing their skills and encouraging each other to improve. Whilst some have had extensive previous practice, for others it has been a first time which can be a daunting experience. 

The beauty of this course is that boys from different social and class groups have shared their experiences, traced family connections, discussed geographic issues, found ancient star constellations and calendars, used language and shared many laughs in this utmost positive "hands on" learning environment. 

The group ready to start