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Year 10

Units of Study


Keys 2 Drive

Students will investigate road safety issues and identify the underlying causal factors that lead to motor vehicle accidents. Students will develop strategies that could be implemented to reduce road user casualties.

In this unit students identify and analyse the influences on risk behaviour in contexts relevant to young people. Through the use of a discussion and scenario students are presented with a realistic context in which to further analyse the influences on risk behaviour and propose strategies to keep themselves and others safe.


Party Safe

The purpose of this unit is to develop resilience and to provide students with skills to make informed decisions on alcohol, drugs and safe partying.  


The unit of work will help students to:

  • understand personal responsibility

  • understand peer pressure

  • understand the dangers of alcohol & drugs in decision making

  • identify influences that encourage some young people to take risks by experimenting with alcohol & drugs

  • aid students in creating strategies to avoid harm and reduce the risk associated with alcohol & drugs



A Weight Off My Mind

There are a variety of socio-cultural influences and perceptions related to body image which inevitably impact on each individual. Beauty is socially constructed by the media, fashion, advertising and marketing industries who manipulate images to create unrealistic images of beauty. Students need to develop critical thinking skills concerning health consumerism and health literacy to better understand their health and the health of others. By also examining healthy eating habits and a positive sense of self to promote good health and well-being.

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Youth Mental Health First Aid

The major health issues affecting adolescents relate to mental health, nutrition, drug use, sexual health and road safety. How can a better understanding of these issues significantly improve the decision making ability, health and quality of life of young people in general? Understanding mental health issues is important for young people. Thoughts, Feelings and emotions can affect our outlook and sense of purpose in life.