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Year 9

Units of Study


Values, Decisions and Sexual Health

In this unit students examine the influences on personal decision making for responsible sexual behaviour. Students learn to look at their options and use their values to:

  • Make decisions about sexuality.
  • Recognize signs of sexual peer pressure
  • Use assertiveness skills to effectively deal with sexual peer pressure.
  • Make personal decisions regarding becoming sexually active.
  • Accept one's right to say no to sexual pressure or to make informed decisions that are right for the individual.



Overcoming Adversity

During life we encounter many challenges. Some of these can become quite overwhelming. As you grow, establish relationships and try to make your own way in life. How do we turn challenges into opportunities and deal with issues or problems created when things don't turn out quite the way we expect?

Dealing with Difference

The theme of this unit is ‘Celebrating Diversity'. Students will examine and clarify their personal values and attitudes towards people of diverse backgrounds, challenge negative community attitudes and investigate the impact of discrimination, harassment and vilification. Strong links to sexuality and homophobia are made throughout this unit.