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Year 8

Units of Study


Me & My Body

This unit focuses on the scope of changes experienced during adolescence in relation to mental health and attitudes towards sexual health and drug use. Students identify relevant and appropriate sources to access and meet the health needs of young people.







Equal and Respectful Relationships

This unit is concerned with developing an understanding of the nature of relationships. Students examine the concept of the development and maintenance of equal and respectful relationships. Students develop skills for building positive responsible relationships, and practise their application so that they can use them effectively in their lives. Students are required to deconstruct relationships and determine the qualities of a positive relationships and the characteristics of relationships which are not working. When discussing power in relationships, particular attention is given to building confidence in relationships.




Risky Business

In this unit students will explore the concept of risk taking in relation to drugs. They will recognise, assess and respond to risk situations and identify how positive health behaviours can protect health. Students will describe the interrelationship between the person, the drug and the environment and the significance of using a range of protective strategies in different situations.


Being Active - Now and Forever

Whether it is competitive or non-competitive, individual, team, recreational or simply or health and fitness, a form of lifelong physical activity is essential for our health and wellbeing. What do I understand by lifelong physical activity and what type, or types, of activity will best suit me? How do we balance rest, sleep, school/work, physical activity, and leisure and recreation to generate the best health outcomes?